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10 hidden details everyone has missed about Tom Nook

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Tom Nook, Japan’s famous brown tanuki raccoon Animal crossing the franchise is the best-known character in the series, and for good reason. Its bottomless pockets filled with bells and riches are basically what makes the world Animal crossing get around, as it is capable of financing virtually any business.

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Even though he has become a somewhat hated and loved character due to the unbearable loans he often grants to the player, there is still a lot that many fans, especially slightly new ones, may now know about the franchise’s mascot. Here are just a few facts about Tom Nook, the one and only business tycoon of Animal crossing.

10 He ditched a friend for work

Those who have now unlocked the dress shop he will meet the Skillful Sisters and, more precisely, Sable, the reddish-brown hedgehog. She is always busy with her sewing machine in the corner and doesn’t seem to want to talk too much with the player.

However, few know that Sable and Tom Nook were indeed very close friends in the past. When Tom decided to travel to town to test his luck with a business endeavor, he left Sable behind. From what players can tell, it seems their friendship isn’t as close as it once was.

9 He fired the player

Those who have played New leaf before getting to New horizons he will know that Tom Nook initially hires the player to work in his shop to pay off some of his loans. However, this work ends when there are no more things to do in the store.

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This leads Tom to fire the player and encourage him to think of alternative ways to make money. It seems a little cool of him to leave the player to himself after giving them a loan they have to repay, but that’s just one of the reasons he’s such a controversial character.

8 Makes a cameo

Although Tom Nook is not an iconic mascot in the same way as Isabelle, where she would become a playable character in another game, she still makes a few cameos in other games that have made him even more recognizable.

He is best known for his appearances in Super Smash Bros. games, as well as a special Nintendo edition of the popular Monopoly board game, which is very fitting given his reputation as a businessman.

7 It can be woken up at night

Most players are probably familiar with the Nook’s Cranny delivery box where players can sell things after shop hours. However, what many may have never heard of is the fact that it was once possible to wake Tom in the middle of the night to enter his shop.

This feature was in Animal Forest and +and would call a sleepy Tom Nook to restock his shop if the player knocked on the shop door at 3am. The downside was that the prices would be much higher and he would buy player items for fewer bells.

6 He worked with Redd

Redd, the cunning fox with his business, is considered Tom Nook’s latest rival. The two have even worked together in the past, but Tom says his experience wasn’t the best, most likely due to Redd ‘s lack of reliability.

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That said, there are a lot of similarities between Tom and Redd, which could easily make them old friends or bitter rivals. Redd has clearly copied his logo from Tom’s logo and even wears the apron Tom once wore when running his shop.

5 Its name is inspired by Tanuki

Those who have long wondered why Tom’s last name is Nook, as they finally have their answer. In Japanese, Tom’s name is actually Tanuki, which is the kind of raccoon his character is modeled on.

When this word is pronounced in English, it is written roughly as “Tanooki”, which is why the translators most likely chose “Nook” as their surname, in order to stay as faithful as possible to the original Japanese version of the game.

4 He is a Gemini

While Tom’s birthday can’t be celebrated in the same way as regular villagers’ birthdays, it’s still worth noting that he was born on May 30th. This is actually the same day Hamlet, a hamster villager, was also born.

Tom’s birthday makes him a Gemini, which means he enjoys the company of others and can adapt to almost any type of situation or environment. He explains why he is able to thrive by starting a business virtually anywhere.

3 It has a slogan

Most villagers they have a unique slogan that sets them apart from each other. Usually, they will have something to do with their species, or even a character trait or design they have modeled.

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Tom Nook doesn’t exactly have a slogan, but he does have a specific way of speaking that could be considered his catchphrase. He can often be heard saying “yes, yes”, which might sound a bit shrewd, as if he were planning something.

2 It sounds lazy, but it isn’t

Another feature that is completely absent in Tom Nook is a personality type of the villager. Since he’s a special character, this isn’t very relevant to him, but it’s still nice to speculate on what kind of personality he was modeled on.

Based on her looks alone, it would be easy to say she probably is a lazy villager for his eyelids are drooping. Furthermore, in New leaf he had the voice of a lazy peasant, which would further confirm this theory. That said, he is a hardworking businessman, which contradicts his image.

1 He is seen as a villain

Tom is a controversial character, one who has snatched the Animal crossing fanbase in two: those who believe he is a capitalist pig and those who believe he is actually quite fair and understanding of the player’s finances.

In any case, in 2003 he was honored as Nintendo’s best villain at the annual Nintendo Power Awards event, although the developers have claimed he’s anything but a villain.

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