July 22, 2021
  • July 22, 2021

Arizona’s Major Beer-Producing Cities May Surprise You

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Across Arizona, 91 brewing companies currently produce lagers, IPAs, stouts and sours.

Each year, brewers compile their production data, and the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild compiles a report that is submitted to the Arizona Department of Liquor Control and Licensing.

Since beer production is not correlated with population size, it’s not always easy to guess which cities produce the most beer.

Over the past five years, the report has identified Arizona’s top beer-producing cities, and results vary from year to year as existing businesses benefit from expanding fanbases across the country. nationwide, and newcomers with growing subscribers are ramping up production, sometimes shifting data for their entire cities.

Here’s a look at the breweries in Arizona cities that make the most beer.

Arizona’s major beer-producing cities


Of the state, the city of Chandler produces the most beer. And it all comes down to one main actor. In 2020, SanTan Brewing Co. produced 97.6% of all beer made in Chandler.

SanTan Brewing Co. produced the most beer of any Arizona brewery in 2020.


Next up is Tempe, and not because of Four Peaks. The report’s data actually excludes Four Peaks Brewing Company, which is owned by international beverage giant Anheuser-Busch InBev. Tempe is # 2 thanks to Huss Brewing Co., one of Arizona’s largest breweries. Huss retains independent ownership and is only distributed in Arizona. Tempe is also getting a bit of help from The Shop Beer Co., which in 2020 was the 12th largest brewery in terms of production in the state.

Barrio Brewing Co. in Tucson.


Tucson takes third place on the list thanks to two of its local breweries. In 2020, Barrio Brewing Co. was the state’s fourth largest beer producer and Dragoon Brewing Co. took sixth.

Flag pole

Flagstaff, Arizona’s city perhaps best known for its breweries, comes in at No.4 on the 2020 list of beer producing places. This is largely thanks to Mother Road Brewing Co., the third most productive brewery in the state in 2020. Flagstaff gets another boost from Lumberyard Brewing Co., which is Flagstaff’s second largest brewery and # 8 on the 2020 List for the amount of beer produced statewide.

Wren House bartender Julia Gonzalez poses for a photo at Wren House Brewing Co. on February 22, 2021.


Finally, Phoenix ranks in the top five for the amount of beer produced in 2020. The biggest contributors were the Paradise Valley location of OHSO Brewery, PHX Beer Co. and Wren House Brewing Co.

One of the many Uncle Bear family restaurants across the valley, the Ahwatukee Foothills location is home to the on-site brewery.

Nos 6 to 10

  • Poplar made the list thanks to Wild Tonic, a company classified as a brewery, but which produces hard jun kombucha.
  • Lake Havasu City earned a spot through the production of College Street Brewhouse and Mudshark Brewing Co.
  • Gilbert is in the top 10 with Uncle Bear’s Brewery and Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.
  • Scottsdale barely squeezed on the list with Fate Brewing Co. and Goldwater Brewing Co.
  • Sedona slipped to No.10 thanks to Oak Creek Brewing Co.

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