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BTS faces any competition in the race for another # 1 album. 1?

By on March 11, 2021 0

BTS fans now only have to wait less than two weeks for the band to release their new album Soul Map: 7, and the excitement is at an all-time high. In fact, the set is one of the most anticipated 2020 titles of any genre, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee it will first place in America once it gets there. Even some of the biggest names in the music industry are missing the top rung due to a number of factors, including competition. Sometimes reaching number 1 is not just a matter of music or promotional strategy, but also of timing.

Looking at the schedule of upcoming major album releases, is there anything on the road that could potentially beat BTS in the Billboard 200 penthouse?

At the moment, the band appears to be safe and have a very good chance of picking up a fourth leader at the end of the month. Soul Map: 7 is scheduled for Friday, February 21, and while there are many exciting new releases arriving on the same day (such as Grimes, Allie X, COIN, Best Coast and Guided By Voices, just to name a few), only one is sure to make its debut in between. the top 10 and potentially in the top five.

Legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s first solo album in a decade Ordinary man It will also hit store shelves, digital download sites and streaming platforms on February 21, and will likely perform well after its first seven days of availability have elapsed … but it’s hard to imagine it will surpass BTS sales. Soul Map: 7, that has it has reportedly already moved over four million copies when it comes to presales.

The week before, Justin Bieber’s new set Changes will debut, and will surely go straight to number 1. The pop star’s first outing in five years will likely hold and live in the top five for another frame, but the second week figures shouldn’t pose a real threat to the opening numbers. of BTS.

Predict which albums will be in the top 10 when Soul Map: 7 the debuts don’t look terribly difficult and, at the moment, none of them seem destined to fight a real battle for position no. 1, even if anything can happen in the music industry. Just last month, predictors were certain Halsey was headed for a second hit on the charts, but Eminem came out of nowhere with a surprise release. Music to be murdered and seized the throne. It is possible that another musician could do the same with BTS, but it is unlikely.

At the moment, the K-pop icons appear to be well on their way to their fourth Billboard # 1 album, which will be a historic win when announced.

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