September 16, 2021
  • September 16, 2021

Bank Mergers

What would a restructuring of Evergrande look like?

by on September 13, 2021 0

It looks like Evergrande, the great-grandfather of the Chinese real estate bubble, is finally going to collapse. What will it look like? The short answer is that investors, lenders and apartment owners lose out. Insiders win. The Chinese financial system remains standing. Governments at all levels are stepping up repression. Evergrande project in Guangdong...

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RBI panel calls for merger of cooperative banks

by on August 23, 2021 0

Mumbai: An RBI panel suggested accelerating the creation of an umbrella organization to enable small urban cooperative banks (UCBs) to scale up by being part of a network. The panel also said the RBI should use the compulsory mergers route to resolve problematic co-ops and be neutral on voluntary mergers. The panel also called...

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Main key players in the investment banking market: Barclays, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, etc.

by on August 22, 2021 0

Assessing the Reach: Investment Banking Market, 2020-28The Investment Banking Market Assessment Report offers a comprehensive assessment of the core areas that contribute a huge share of business share in the same way as it gives an assessment of the latest market models and drivers that are emerging. ‘expect a gigantic share in improving the...

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HSBC sets up internal M&A team in Hong Kong

by on August 11, 2021 0

HSBC has hired a heavyweight from Citigroup to oversee its expansion through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Asia. Willard McLane, the former vice president of Citigroup’s Global Financial Institutions Group (FIG), has joined HSBC in Hong Kong as head of corporate development. McLane will report directly to CFO Ewen Stevenson and his job will...

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