July 22, 2021
  • July 22, 2021

Collaborative robotics to promote 4.0 technologies in the food industry

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The food industry requires solutions and automation systems capable of transforming the sector and aligning it with its main challenges: 4.0 technologies, concern for healthy food, sustainable and efficient food production, the fight against climate change. It is estimated that the digitization of the European food industry will have an impact of over € 300,000 million between 2021 and 2025.

In this context, Inser Robotics, expert in the integration of end-of-line automation and robotics systems in the food industry, will present its latest trends in automation, robotics and autonomous transport (AGV – AMR) for the the food industry in Food 4 Avenir international fair.

Inser Robotics will present for the first time at a face-to-face event its new development: Copalletizer, an advanced solution based on collaborative robots or “cobots” which has the characteristics necessary to cope with the automation of palletizing systems at the end. production line, making these industrial processes safer, more compact and more productive.

“Our Copalletizer unit redefines the concept of collaborative palletizing. Food 4 Future is a unique opportunity to show the keys to its success to industry professionals looking to improve and streamline their production chains, ”said Fernando Riaño, CEO of Inser Robotics.

It can be programmed in minutes
The innovative Inser Robotics system offers the integration of a programming assistant which allows the cell to be configured in a few minutes and which improves the efficiency of the collaborative robot’s movements compared to traditional programming. This makes it possible to increase the productivity of these robots, to reduce the installation times for new references, and to improve palletizing times without exceeding the speed considered to be safe.

The assistant is located on an industrial touch panel on the front of the cell, which allows the installation to be viewed in a virtual environment and the robot to be programmed without having to have prior knowledge. Its advanced path planning algorithms are able to calculate the optimal path for each box.

“This is one of the most popular solutions as it combines all the advantages of our customary bespoke palletizing solutions, offers simple configuration and achieves higher productivity than other solutions in its class,” added Fernando Riaño.

The technologies and solutions of Inser Robotics are available on booth C-320 of the Food 4 Future 2021 site. The company will present the most interesting projects that it has carried out in recent years on several large format screens: a video summary of some of the more than 1,250 projects it has installed since its inception.

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