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Good reasons to be responsive.

Good App design adapts to all devices seamlessly... Not only does the App rearrange itself, it must becomes native to its new environment.

'I want to be a Desktop site... I must be a Smartphone App'.

One App.

While responsive design is more complex than a traditional desktop design, there are important costs and maintenance savings compared to having separate Applications for desktop and mobile devices. Also, keep in mind over 50% of viewers use more than one device to browse and will often view your site from both Desktop and Mobile. It must look and act perfectly in both!

Mobile-first design.

Mobile First approach forces you to focus on what’s 'important' which differs from desktop-centric design with large screen platforms . Because there is only so much screen real estate to work with, starting small focuses on what elements and content blocks are essential.

Google says it's better.

Since April, 2015 Google's 'Mobile-friendly' protocol has been in effect. By rewarding Web Apps that are mobile-friendly, Google is effectively penalizing those that are not, making responsive web design an important element in overall SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing!

Pricing starts at $1500

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