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SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading mobile developer service provider in China, today announced updates on its partnership with China Merchants Fund Management Co., Ltd. (“China Merchants Fund”). Leveraging the Company’s JG Unification Messaging System (UMS), Aurora Mobile has been working closely with China Merchants Fund to optimize its messaging platform and improve operational efficiency.

The China Merchants Fund is a well-known fund management company based in China, and has an extensive product portfolio and a large active user base. At present, China Merchants Fund manages 33 open-end funds and relies on its app to send over 100 million push messages to clients daily. With the diversified development of social communication platforms, message distribution channels are rapidly growing in demand. The increasingly complex operation and management of messaging require an efficient architecture or system solution that can handle multiple coordination and security protocols. In response to the increasing daily communications, the management middle office messaging concept was created to handle this highly sought-after integrated platform.

Aurora Mobile launched JG UMS in late 2020. This messaging management solution helps China Merchants Fund deploy millions of multi-channel unified messaging, facilitate messaging management and related statistics, avoid duplication of system construction, reduce costs and increase efficiency in content distribution. It’s a new adaptive systems approach to create a more intelligent and convenient messaging management platform that will meet the demand of more complex enterprise architecture.

A new generation of messaging management middle office – nine major messaging channels integrated onto one platform

Messaging has always played an essential role in user operations. It is an important channel to reach a large audience, gather data on user behaviors and unlock user value. In particular, an app’s messaging service is one of the most effective channels to reach a wide user base and fulfill the specific needs of businesses.

However, under the constant bombardment of advertising and marketing messages, users have been paying less attention or muting SMS delivery resulting in lower user reach. At the same time, fund management companies with hundreds of millions of users, have to pay a premium for their messaging services.

The speedy adoption of new multimedia messaging channels, such as WeChat mini-programs, WeChat official accounts and DingTalk, are also posing new business challenges. On one hand, the use of multiple messaging platforms and formats inevitably increase development and daily maintenance costs. On the other hand, managing multiple messaging channels with various message templates requires continuous manual processes, which significantly reduces operational flexibility and increases workload for many businesses.

As an efficient messaging management middle office, JG UMS makes it easy for customers like China Merchants Fund, to manage messages across all the mainstream messaging channels, including apps, WeChat official accounts, WeChat enterprise accounts, WeChat mini-programs, SMS, emails, Fuwu Alipay and DingTalk. JG UMS also supports 5G messaging and greatly reduces operational pressure on a daily basis. When customers send messages across multiple channels, JG UMS efficiently manages the upstream request system and downstream distribution channels, and facilitates a multi-channel messaging approach by connecting seamlessly to one integrated messaging platform.

On the content side, JG UMS has upgraded its template management function, which allows customers to create single and multi-channel templates, and preset content, format and parameters of customized messages. This allows customers to easily distribute news about their funds by setting parameters all at once for multiple channels. For financial clients, such as China Merchants Fund, who required a more complicated management process, JG UMS introduced additional functions for administrator roles and message review based on the customers’ organizational structure and enabled multi-level access control and enhanced messaging security.

JG UMS also supports integration of messaging-related statistics from all channels, so as to help customers compile performance data such as messaging frequency, number of messages received and click-through rates. This data is vital to analyze performance and trends of messaging at different times and in different scenarios, which is intelligence that will help to develop smart and more accurate messaging strategies.

The innovative services help to improve user conversion and unlock additional user value

As a diversified smart messaging management platform, JG UMS not only provides messaging services to China Merchants Fund, but also helps the customer with decision-making to increase user conversion rate and unlock additional user value leveraging by JG UMS.

Every day, it is essential for China Merchants Fund to deliver instant, high-speed and accurate messages, which are not just repeated tasks but functions as flexible services catering to differentiated use scenarios and targeting different user groups. For example, when delivering pop-up messages related to users interested in global news and market intelligence, the customer expects these messages to easily attract attention and earn trust among its users. JG UMS provides diversified messaging solutions with a variety of options, and enables the customer to effectively increase user retention and user stickiness through its real-time and scheduled messages. By presetting a notification re-dispatching strategy, the customer can also enhance message delivery efficiency for silent notification cases and other unsuccessful message delivery scenarios. This way, it can prevent its users from missing important transmitted information and further enhance the credibility of the sender. All these communication features work together to improve the retention and engagement of high-quality users.

In addition, JG UMS provides customized messages in a convenient and comprehensively integrated system. The service provides general messaging templates across the nine major messaging channels. Frequently used messaging content can be preset into the system and synchronized with the input of personalized user data, so that the system can effectively distribute tailored messages to engaged users.

“We place great value on user experience and believe that only highly engaged communication will bring more user value and build loyalty and trust in the long term,” said project manager at China Merchants Fund. “We chose JG UMS as the messaging management middle office because it supports our decision-making system and on its own, is a solid platform with high-quality messaging capabilities and reduces the heavy workload and complex requirements of messaging tasks. JG UMS helps us effectively engage in new user acquisition, improve user conversion and retention rates, reduce costs, and at the same time, facilitate closer user relationship through strengthened communications. It is simply the best system we can use to deliver smart and refined user management in no time at all.”

About Aurora Mobile Limited

Founded in 2011, Aurora Mobile is a leading mobile developer service provider in China. Aurora Mobile is committed to providing efficient and stable push notification, one-click verification, and app traffic monetization services to help developers improve operational efficiency, grow and monetize. Meanwhile, Aurora Mobile’s vertical applications have expanded to market intelligence, and financial risk management, empowering various industries to improve productivity and optimize decision-making.

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