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“The Crown” actress Emma Corrin says she is “sorry” for the royal family

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The crownPrincess Diana said she “felt sorry” for the royal family and admitted she “would run a mile if anyone in the royal family asked me to marry them.”

Emma Corrin, a relative newcomer taking on the difficult role of the late Princess of Wales, said she thinks the family ends up in an “impossible situation”.

Speaking with the Radio schedules, said: “I’m really indifferent to the royal family, but I’m sorry for them.

“We know what happened to Diana. It is an impossible situation ».

Corrin, 24, said there was a recurring joke in her school that her mother was Diana, due to how similar she was to the princess.

She said: “So I grew incredibly fond of this woman, like most of the British public.

“My mother was very touched by the tragedy of someone being so generous with her love taken so suddenly and unfairly.”

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Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor play Diana and Charles in the fourth season of The Crown. (Vera Anderson / WireImage)

Season four of The crown, streaming on Netflix from November 15, will tell the story of Diana’s introduction to Prince Charles and their marriage, as well as their first tour of Australia with Prince William.

Corrin said the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, is “adamant about the darker sides of people.”

He added: “Diana had grown up in a very aristocratic family and knew the rules of the game, she knew exactly what she was doing at Balmoral when she was flirting with Philip.

“He knew he was there to impress.

“He had this shyness towards him that I think was genuine, but he was also naturally charming and he knew it.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say she was manipulative, but almost.”

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Lady Diana Spencer and Camilla Parker-Bowles at Ludlow racing where Prince Charles competes, 1980. (Photo by Express Newspapers / Archive Photo)

The relationship between Lady Diana Spencer and Camilla Parker-Bowles, here in 1980, will be explored. (Newspapers Express / Archive photos)

Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981 and they had two children, William and Harry. They separated in 1992 and divorced four years later.

Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Charles went on to marry his ex-girlfriend Camilla in 2005 and are now the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.

The full interview is in Radio schedules magazine, now available.

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