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Bangladesh’s national cricket team received a large reception at Manik Mia Avenue in the capital in 1997 following their historic ICC Trophy triumph. Photo: Anisur Rahman


Bangladesh’s national cricket team received a large reception at Manik Mia Avenue in the capital in 1997 following their historic ICC Trophy triumph. Photo: Anisur Rahman

Who could forget Hasibul Hossain Shanto’s winning single as Bangladesh needed a run to win Martin Suji’s last dance in the 1997 ICC Trophy final in Malaysia?

Those who have followed Bangladesh cricket will never forget the latest dramatic event that changed the form of cricket in the country.

Bangladesh required eleven points to win with two wickets in hand when Khaled Masud scored a six on the very first ball as the Tigers went on to clinch a historic victory and qualify for their first World Cup in 1999.

Current ODI skipper of Bangladesh Tamim Iqbal had the three former captains Akram Khan, Minhajul Abedin Nannu and Khaled Masud. who were part of that historic match as guests for his ongoing social media interaction on Tuesday.

During the live interaction, the former captains relived the memories of that historic ICC Trophy victory.

Tamim wanted to know what was really going through Masud’s mind, which was hanging in the balance in the last step.

“We needed eleven points to win the last over and you were on the edge and as far as I know, you weren’t famous for making the six. Even if Bangladesh wins the World Cup, I think no one will ever forget that last one. over, ”Tamim said.

In response Masud said: “Tamim, since your childhood you have only watched me take single because after getting test or ODIs status Bangladesh was always three to four wickets down and I was told, Pilot go now . So I had to go out and try to stay in the fold. But before that I was playing a lot of shots, “he said.

Masud then shared his experience of that famous last over. “After hitting a six in the first ball, I gave a point. And then there was a wide and I caught a single. People often think that cricketers only have good times but they don’t know that even the players of cricket make sacrifices that many don’t realize. At that moment all my attention was on the pitch as there were people shouting from outside. I prayed to the Almighty that whatever you need from me, you can take it and in return I want to win this game.

“I was worried about Shanto [Hasibul Hossain] in the last ball of the game how he tends to do crazy things and I tried to keep him calm. I just told him to try and put the bat on the ball and not play any shots. Luckily the ball hit his bearings and I ran and we won the game. It was a great result for us, “he added.

While the intensity inside the camp was tense, the situation in Bangladesh’s dressing was even more intense.

Players, officials and even the fans were on alert shouting and giving instructions to the two batters and it was probably one of the last busiest events in Bangladeshi cricket history.

Minhajul continued describing the situation in the locker room: “There was only one sentence among everyone in the locker room; that we have to win. Everyone from the locker room was shouting that wherever the ball goes, run. After six in the first ball, the two point balls have us. put a lot of tension. The locker room was a curtain and none of us who came out took off our bearings because it was an incredible situation, “said Minhajul.

As the whole of Bangladesh celebrated by coloring each other in the streets, it took the players some time to realize what they have done for the whole nation.

“We only realized what we did two hours after winning the game when we got back to the hotel. Everyone was running and screaming and then we realized that yes, we became champions. But when we were down we couldn’t realize it. at all, “Minhajul said.

Masud, on the other hand, recalled the famous celebration at the team’s hotel and how they had to pack their bags and return home the same day on a chartered plane.

“After returning to the hotel we were told that we had to return to the country the same day, even though our flight was scheduled for the next day. A charter flight was ready for us as our Prime Minister would have to leave the country on the day. next. It was a small plane and when we got on the plane, the pilot and cabin crew were waiting for us with a cake. The flight that day was like a bus ride, “added Masud.

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