Tuesday, January 25 2022

TODAY’S WORD is part of a series on current slang: big mad. Example: Mom was big mad that I didn’t clean my room.

FRIDAY’S WORD was diamond hands. The phrase refers to the state of hanging on to a situation that carries extreme financial risk. Example: Grandma has invested in that stock for years, and didn’t sell when my uncles warned her it was no good, but she had diamond hands.

Dogs at airports

During holiday travel the Stroller and family saw more dogs at one layover at Reagan International Airport in Washington DC than the Stroller has seen in all the airports over the last several years.

First it was a pair of light brown compact little dogs, maybe long hair Dachshunds, then a poodle, then a black lab, and a little fluffy white Maltese, and then a few of those tiny-dog breeds. One was a minuscule white fluffy pooch walked on a leash by a big, bulky man. What was it about that airport that had all those dogs? (And apparently purebred dogs at that — no mutts, the best kind in the Stroller’s opinion.)

Shortly later, the Stroller noticed a Pet Area. There are all kinds of bathrooms nowadays. Family bathrooms starting coming in a few decades ago, places where either the dad or the mom could take the little kids or change a diaper. In recent years all-purpose bathrooms are popping up here and there, which either men or women can use, called Unisex.

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