Thursday, May 19 2022

The United States’ strategic interest includes Ukraine’s acceptable ties with Russia, with Kiev desiring closer economic and strategic ties with Europe. The need for acceptable relations with Russia serves the fundamental interests of Ukraine and the United States, according to National Interest magazine.

Ukraine has two major strategic choices to achieve a modus vivendi with Russia that satisfies the essential interests of both countries; or to conclude a strategic alliance with another power which will allow it to challenge its bigger neighbor, according to the American media. The United States is the only other power potentially capable of successfully supporting the Second Choice. This is the option Ukraine is pursuing, with the encouragement of the United States.

In addition, Ukraine would become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Alliance with the Membership Action Plan and the United States would be forced to come to the aid of Kiev in the event of conflict. armed within the framework of Treaty obligations. However, if the United States had a strategic foreign policy framework, what would it look like and how would Ukraine fit into it? First, creating a more stable international system and that system benefits the entities at the top of the system the most. The United States currently occupies this position.

Second, to avoid a Sino-Russian opposition alliance and these advantages for the United States of not having the other nuclear superpower and the other economic superpower allied against it seem obvious. Third, reducing the risk of nuclear war that includes achieving this goal requires, among other things, to avoid armed conflict with another nuclear power when its vital interests are at stake and its own are not, writes Raymond. F Smith for the national interest.

Creating a more stable international system requires taking into account the vital interests of Russia, as well as those of Ukraine. Guiding and helping Ukraine balance its desire to strengthen ties with Europe and its need for acceptable relations with Russia serves the fundamental interests of Ukraine and the United States, according to National Interest. Ukraine can help drag Russia into a more productive relationship with the West, reduce the temptation for a military alliance with China, and lessen the threat of a conventional armed conflict that could escalate into nuclear conflict, writes Raymond. F. Smith for the national interest. (ANI)

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